Roller bearing inserts

Bearing-insert (Flanges Bearing 2-3-4 Holes or Pillow Block) offer versatility. Thanks to their excellent value for money, they are used in numerous industrial, agri-food and institutional applications (Hospital, Pharmaceutical, H1, H2), because they are completely waterproof.

Rigid ball bearings have a spherical (convex) outer surface and a protruding inner ring including a device to lock the unit on the shaft. Spherical bearings have a corresponding, but concave, bore.

A wide range of cast iron, composite, sheet steel and stainless steel bearings with different housing shapes, bearings, seals and locking methods.

It includes units that comply with ISO standards and North American standards.

Roller-insert bearings can accommodate moderate initial misalignment, but do not normally allow axial movement. (see linear motion)

Features and Benefits:
-Available in inch and metric Ready for assembly
-Lubricated and sealed bearings
-Quick release on the shaft
-Wide variety of shapes, materials, bearings and locking methods
-Concentric locking options, for high speeds and low vibration levels.
-Robust Economical solution
-Resistant to high levels of contamination
- Designed for normal, medium and high temperatures and speeds.